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Illustrated Law Helps You Learn Law Efficiently 


Improving Legal Education One Product at a Time.


Illustrated Law is the only source that could replace both your textbooks and your study aids. In fact, Illustrated Law books are the first and only legal educational products of their kind. We use images, thoughtful editing, and the latest in education research and cognitive science to bring you a more efficient, effective, and affordable way to learn law. Get the legal education you deserve.

Don't waste your time re-reading court opinions from your casebook, unsure if you're grasping the key takeaways correctly. We make learning faster, easier, and, dare we say, enjoyable. While your peers are slogging through textbooks, you can focus on what you want to do. Earn better grades, land a better job, and be happier with life.


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Unlimited access all the time on desktop, mobile, or tablet devices so you can find the information you want whenever you want. Oh, and did we mention it's only $9.99?

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Custom Books

If you're a 1L, about to take the Bar Exam, or you're just interested in the law or judicial system, our custom books based on your course syllabus are an excellent place to start.

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Audio Law is the law podcast for busy people. Didn't have time to read your assignment? Forgot about it? Actively chose not to do it? No worries, we've got you covered with a podcast you can listen to on you way to class, in the car, at your home, and anywhere else.

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We've got great t-shirts We even have fun coffee mugs, which you'll need so you can spit your coffee into something when you chuckle or aww at our awesome shirts. Every purchase you make not only makes you a more fashionable human, it also helps us grow so we can continuously offer better products. We're reinvesting 100% of all profits back into the company, so every purchase helps! 

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The Next Generation of Learning Tools for the Next Generation of Lawyers.

We apply the science of learning to make our books effective and enjoyable. Illustrated Law is the unique and superior alternative.

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In-House Counsel (blog)

The inside scoop on law school and entrepreneurship.

We're shedding light on the inner workings of getting a legal education and starting a business.


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We're constantly illustrating the law. And other stuff. 

Meet the illustrators creating the best darn law-related drawings the world has ever known.