The Process

By: Dan (Illustrations)

Illustrated Law is as much an artistic endeavor as it is educational. As many of you will have probably noticed by now, I am in no way a professionally trained artist. Similarly, to how the readers are learning the law in each book, I’m evolving as an artist by drawing each case. Throughout Illustrated Law, you will see me experiment with a variety of styles and techniques as I come into my own as an artist.

Regardless of the particular style I choose to draw in, my process is roughly the same for each illustration.  I always start with a quick gesture drawing of the subject. I usually rely on a simple reference photo from google images to get started. Our upcoming Constitutional Law book has proved to be somewhat challenging because there’s just not too many photographs of 19th century American figures……..probably because photographs didn’t exist yet.  To illustrate cases from that time period, I use a combination of stock photos and portraits of the figures as my reference. For example, a picture of William Marbury demanding his commission in Marbury v. Madison is inspired by a combination of “generic angry man pointing finger + any oil painting of William Marbury.” My goal is to constantly evolve as an artist. I encourage anyone who purchases Illustrated Law to join me on and appreciate this artistic journey.