Week 3 Update

By: David (business)

It's hard to believe another week whipped by. 

  1. This week was largely focused on meeting our internal timeline. Part of that timeline is to complete milestones on our way to publishing the Con Law book in April. So far, so good.
  2. I focused much more on developing a business plan this week than I have previously. So far I have what is more like a business skeleton. It's 8 pages long and hits all the high notes with a few sentences each (the founders, mission, value proposition, products, growth plans, target market, risks, what we'd do if we had seed funding, etc.). Fortunately, the professor for my Entrepreneurship and the Law course--a senior partner at a law firm where he works with businesses including start-ups--said he'd be happy to meet and discuss Illustrated Law. The great thing about being a business novice is that I don't know what I should be embarrassed about not knowing, so I'm just trying to put together a plan that will be helpful in facilitating our meeting. I feel confident that in a few months I will look back on my current document and cringe because I've almost certainly left out dozens of important bits of information. 
  3. I'm looking for help in two areas (please reach out to us if you're interested): We could use a social media ninja. Someone who can post content at least once a day, follow influencers and get their attention, etc. I'm not really media savvy (no Instagram, Twitter, or Snap accounts). We do have Illustrated Law handles on each platform, but currently we only push out blog updates. Like this one. The other main position we need to fill is a technology person. We'd like to create a simple phone app, but we don't know how to code. I made a mock-up of the design this week, so now I just need to find someone with the skills and desire to help us bring it to life. 
  4. As I do almost every day, I made dozens of modest alterations to our site. I'm trying to strike a balance between offering useful information, being reader-friendly, and making it fun. Feel free to email us as dab@illustratedlaw.com with any suggestions!