By: David 

I want to coin a new phrase. The coining isn't because I think it's cool or as a marketing ploy, but because there currently isn't a good description for our product. It's not technological because there are no proprietary algorithms or chemistry involved, for instance. Yet, it's not traditional because our books have more like software than a traditional textook. 

Our books clearly inhabit traits common to technology and traditional products. Our books wouldn't be possible with its many features if not for technology. It makes us nimble. Adaptable. And it provides ample opportunity for user engagement by letting us acknowledge concerns and suggestions and then implement changes within a matter of days. But it's also clearly traditional because they can be purchased as physical books, the form of which everyone is familiar. 

To say we traffic in technology or traditional publishing alone would not do us justice. Therefore, I refer to us as a techno-traditional company.