Mind Buzz

By: David (business)

I find myself constantly jotting down notes about things to do. It's wide-ranging. Some has to do with a neat idea I notice or hear, some address inefficiencies I see, and some are geared toward strengthening our position.

This morning I was reviewing notes from my IP for start-ups course and every few minutes I was jumping back over to my business planning document to update a timeline or idea, or add a to-do based on what I just read. It's a cool feeling. Almost electric. 

Law school is not a great place to express creative thinking. In fact, some professors frown on it because they want students to stick with what's established. How could we possibly learn law if we're thinking of new legal theories and how to apply them?

Every student has at least one grievance for how grades are derived. The overly-safe and conservative preference of some professors is one that grinds my gears. And it's why working on this business is so liberating.

There is nobody telling me my approach is wrong or stupid. Quite the opposite, if anything. There is encouragement to explore, innovate, and take risks. It feels far less judgmental. Success is success, regardless of the path taken.