Hyper Grind

By: David

I'm been watching a lot of Shark Tank lately while cooking. One of the sharks, Mark Cuban (billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks), likes to use the word "grind" a lot. He's all about entrepreneurs that grind and hustle. 

For anyone who's unfamiliar with this usage, grinding and hustling are basically a modern, positive spin on older words like slog. It refers to putting in the long hours, making the phone calls, pitching your product, and generally consistently working long, hard hours. It's the foundational prerequisite to success. The opposite of someone who grinds is the person who follows the mantra "if you build it they will come," and leaves success up to fate. 

One implication of the grind mentality is that working hard shall set you free. What it overlooks (aside from the role happenstance /serendipity plays), is that sometimes time constraints make a focus on grinding insufficient. 

I'm dealing with that issue right now. Dan and I are grinding away at producing the highest-quality legal education content available. The problem is that with a pending release of updated and new material in April, we have, at most, five weeks to do as much work as professors do in years when they produce textbooks. Grinding is one thing. Racing the clock while grinding is something else. I'm calling it the hyper grind.

This looming deadline is also daunting because I have to somehow create and implement a marketing plan simultaneously. After all, having the best product in the world is useless if nobody is, well, using it. I would love to bring on a Chief Marketing Officer, but finding one who is 1) available, 2) willing to work only for equity for the time being, and 3) is as passionate about improving legal education as I am is a challenge. 

I've been trying to bridge the gap by teaching myself as much about business as possible, but it's not a light lift. I think I could probably do it if I wasn't also a full-time law student involved in organizations, picking up a hobby (guitar), and balancing other facets of a healthy lifestyle (relationships, exercise, etc.), but I'll just have to handle reality as it is. #AlwaysBeHyperGrinding