Week 6

By: David

In the crunch of time, I forgot to post our weekly update. 

1) I've been reading dozens of cases in preparation for the release of versions 2.0 of Criminal Procedure and Justice, as well as our Torts Concepts books. I also finished reading for all the cases I plan to include in the first version of our Constitutional Law book. I want to make sure our content adds a lot of value, and value partly derives from having a sufficiently large content repository. 

Reading all the cases is a lot to comb through. Especially when it's on top of other stuff I have to think about for school and extracurriculars. It'd be awesome if one day this just becomes my full-time job and I can devote full attention to it. 

2) I'm constantly tinkering with the business plan. Most of my insights tend to occur either while I'm laying in bed or running. Neither is a convenient time because it requires either turning on a lamp at night to jot my thoughts (thereby blinding me), or hoping I remember the idea when I stop running and I have a convenient way to record the thought. So far I'm making it work. 

3) I've been actively pursuing mentorship from anybody willing to offer advice. Ideally, I'll find someone who is willing to guide me longterm, but for now I'm happy to get 20 minutes of anyone's time. All the feedback has been super helpful in sharpening my thoughts and focus. 

4) To take a little load off us, I asked the Georgetown Law Office of Career Strategy to include a job posting for Illustrated Law in their weekly Career Clips email. They declined to include it in their email. While there are some great individuals at GULC, the administration in general has not been helpful. Later this week I'll ask the Office of Student Life for permission to set up a booth on the Tower Green next month to promote these books. I'll let you know what they say. You'd think they'd want to support law students who started a legal education company to help other law students learn law efficiently. But time will tell. 

5) I met with Dan to go over our plans step-by-step. Due to our schedules, we don't meet face-to-face very often. It's not a problem because our work doesn't overlap and it takes minimal coordination. Essentially he trusts me to make the case and business decisions and he focuses on the illustrations. So far so good. We decided we'd both love to go all-in on Illustrated Law if possible, so we're going to keep pushing full steam ahead and see if we can make something sustainable of this. 

6) I attended an entrepreneur chalk talk on campus. The Georgetown Law Ventures club invited me to come talk about my idea with some experienced entrepreneurs. They offered great feedback and one of them put me in touch with another guy to help us with marketing. I'm excited to see what he thinks we should do.