Week 12 Update

By: David

I usually try to post these Sundays, so I'm a few days late. I was out of town Friday and Saturday, and Sunday I just felt lazy. 

Here are some updates so you have a look at what's happenin' behind the scenes:

  • We've officially hired our first intern/employee. Sarah Elhindi began her first day with us on the 13th and she'll be handling some pressing issues related to helping me organize the business plan. I'm looking forward to working with her and learning from her. As an aside, if you, dear reader, are interested in interning with us for as few as 5 hours a week, please email us at dab@illustratedlaw.com  
  • My youngest brother, who is a software engineering major, is going to work on a little project for us. That makes him employee #2. I'll wait to reveal the project until after he's made some good headway.
  • Dan and I competed in a campus-wide pitch competition Tuesday. We wore suits, which is something I very rarely do. To be honest, I was super nervous. I was focused so intently on memorizing each word I wanted to say, but I wish I had just spoken from my heart. Nobody knows the business better than us, and I would've sounded less robotic had I spoken to the judges like humans. At any rate, of the 80+ teams who pitched, only 10 made it to the final round, and that didn't include us. However, 2 or 3 teams were selected for acknowledgement as Honorable Mentions, and we're one of them. So close yet so far from making the final round. I took it fairly hard. For the next 24 hours I dwelled on it a bit.
  • On Thursday I gave the pitch to my small business law class and it went SOOOO much better. Unfortunately, Dean Ballamy doesn't award cash prizes. 
  • On Friday, I went up to Philly because my impact investing team at the business school made it to nationals. The competition was Saturday (only 5 teams advanced tot he final round, and mine wasn't one of them), but Friday we had coffee chats. This meant that we could volunteer to be paired up with representatives from banks and investing firms. I signed up because why not. Again, I had to wear a suit. As fate would have it, I was matched with Rethink Education's Matt Greenfield. He's the founder and managing partner at the firm, and they focus on education companies. I only had a 20-minute slot, but the conversation went really well and by the end he gave me his card, asked me to email him, and to connect with him on LinkedIn. 
  • Other than that, I've mostly just focused on refining my pitch slides. Not only by making them more readable, but by also adding a sufficient amount of notes below each slide so I can share them with others without having to be present and explaining them for the slides to make sense.