Week 11 Update

By: David

Wow, it's been a while since I've given an update. 

I can't recall everything we've been up to, so I'll just hit on the last two weeks:

  1. I posted internship opportunities on both the Georgetown Law job board, and through the Start-Up Hoyas job board. The law school initially pushed back because we're a private for-profit company that wasn't offering to pay, and apparently those companies are generally banned from posting internship opportunities. However, we were able to get a special exemption from the assistant dean, who thankfully recognized that a start-up isn't able to pay for obvious reasons. 
  2. From those postings, so far three people have reached out and expressed interest. If all goes well, we'll have at least one beginning work with us this month, and another will start in mid-May. If you're reading this and interested in helping, please hit us up. All work is done remotely. 
  3. I created a daily marketing plan for us to execute simultaneously with our grand opening. Right now our marketing is essentially non-existent. We don't advertise, and the only posts on Twitter and Facebook come from this blog. That's intentional. I consider this to be our soft launch phase, and I don't want to bring a lot of attention until we have reasonably high-quality products. We have more to lose than to gain by underwhelming site visitors. However, once we do finally initiate our big marketing push, I want to have a robust plan in place. Done and done, son. 
  4. As Dan has continued crafting illustrations, I've continued refining the written content by adding helpful rules/tests and creating fact summaries for complex fact patterns. I have at least six additional major product feature updates and additions in the works, so hold on to your hats, because by the time we do a grand opening, the products will blow you away.
  5. I applied for a slot in the Georgetown Venture Lab. It's a partnership deal between Georgetown's entrepreneurship program and WeWork, whereby companies will get discounted wor space. The catch there is that we can't currently really afford the workspace unless the discount is steep. Though, with the sales we expect after the grand opening, paying for a workspace should be doable. 
  6. I've asked multiple people to review our pitch deck (an abbreviated version is on the homepage of our website). We're in the pitch competition that begins this week, and I wanted to receive as much feedback as possible. The next big hurdle is to rehearse the actual presentation. A lot. 
  7. I cleaned up our literal to-do list. It's still 38 pages of bullet points, which tells you a lot about how far ahead I'm trying to think/plan. My intention is to use it as a playbook, rather than trying to improv all our decisions. 
  8. We crafted a press release with the help of Liz Albright and a friend of our business advisor, Mark Silverman. As you might imagine, the press release will be a primary vehicle of our grand opening announcement. 
  9. Dan and i agreed to a slight restructuring of the company. To allow him to focus just on the artistic/design side of the business, he is giving up his responsibilities as financial officer and general counsel, and I will pick them up. 
  10. I've been contacting marketing companies to see how they can help us. Everything seems very positive. I'm excited to see how they perform when they flex their muscles on our behalf. 
  11. I've tweaked the website in several mostly-minor ways. It's in a constant state of refinement, like a potter working on a vase while it's on the spinning wheel. 
  12. I met with the co-founder of Blackboard, Andrew Rosen, and he was generous enough to give me three hours of his time to provide all kinds of helpful advice and feedback. He said he'll put me in touch with some of his top employees so they can help me with stuff like marketing and SEO. I'm so grateful. 

That's about it. There are literally dozens of small tasks I work on day-to-day as well, but I doubt people want to hear about them. Also, many of the tasks involve future plans I don't want to reveal just yet. I'm laying the foundation for what I hope will be a solid company. All your support is greatyl appreciated!