The Start of Law School

By: Mario

Everyone's first day of law school is scary. No matter what people tell you, everyone is very nervous, anxious, and above all - terrified. For me, it carried a special burden. It was not only my first day of law school, but also my first time studying in a foreign language - English. The first class - Civil Procedure, which, as you may know, is extremely burdensome and convoluted. The first case - Pennoyer v. Neff, still gives me shivers. I remember reading the case over and over again and still not getting the core of it. I did not understand why I was even reading this complex 1878 opinion. Moreover, I had not even heard of many of the antiquated words spread out throughout the opinion. I remember sweating and breathing heavily before class. Thankfully, the professor did not call my name. I did not have to present the case. I was able to breathe again.

Sadly, my experience is not unique. Law school is full of them. Regardless of whether your are a native speaker or not. Why? I truly do not know, but when I became aware of an organization aiming to change the approach to legal education, I knew I had to get involved with it. After finally taking the bar exam about a month ago, I began collaborating with Illustrated Law. David, our CEO and co-founder, has an extensive experience in educational sciences - attending Kansas State University for a Master's in Adult and Continuing Education, and Harvard for a Master's in Education Policy and Management (In addition to currently being a law student at Georgetown). David has not only been using his experiences, but also the latest findings from the Institute of Educational Sciences to develop Illustrated Law to try to improve legal education. Essentially, Illustrated Law explains legal opinions through illustrations, working as quasi graphic novels that are easy to read and memorize, and more importantly, fun. This, will improve performance and efficiency at the time of learning materials. As several studies have demonstrated, adding relevant graphics to textbooks can substantially enhance learning.

Although I was able to successfully graduate law school and take the bar exam, it certainly was not easy. I struggle especially during my first year with the language. I had to read cases over and over again and often consult with friends about the meaning of certain words. Yet, am not unique. Regardless of whether you are a native speaker or not, your journey certainly will not be easy. Fortunately, Illustrated Law will be able to make it easier. I will be working along with other law students, marketing experts, and graphic designers to deliver the best possible product. I certainly will be using my law school experience, my background in marketing and sales, and my years of experience as manager to make sure that legal education keeps moving forward.

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