Join  Illustrated Law

Illustrated Law is growing and we’re looking for the next great additions to our team.

Illustrated Law is an education company with a mission to make legal knowledge accessible to everyone. We’re a startup with a grand mission, talented team, and amazing business advisors (including the current CEO of Interfolio and a co-founder of Blackboard, which you may have used at your university).

Our team currently consists of lawyers, law school graduates, law school students, graduate students, and undergraduates; and we come from a variety of schools, including Stanford, Georgetown Law, George Washington Law, University of North Carolina, Harvard, Emory, and Georgetown University.

As a fledgling organization, we could use a lot of help. We'd love to hear from you.


  • Fair pay (starting at $12/hour)
  • Opportunity to earn equity in the company
  • Opportunity to become an officer in the company
  • Experience for your resume and products for your portfolio 
  • Free access to our subscription content

Illustrator — Remote

Illustrations are what make us Illustrated Law. Your drawings will be seen by law students and people interested in law around the world. You can get a feel for our style by poking around this website. 

When you apply, please submit a digital version (via an iPad or Adobe, for example) black and white or grayscale illustration of the facts of any case of your choosing so we can see your skills in action.  


  • Must have some way to create drawings electronically
  • Must be able to draw under deadlines
  • Must work well with little direction/great autonomy

Marketing Designer — Remote

The Marketing Designer will help the marketing team by creating material for social media posts, advertisements, and education material. You'll also help think of improvements for the Illustrated Law website. You may also help our illustrators with illustrating cases.

No formal experience is required, though it’s preferred. Having a desire to make learning law easier is the key attribute, and having artistic skills and a desire to help make Illustrated Law a success is all you need. 


  • The Marketing Designer needs to have artistic skills and appropriate art software (Adobe Illustrator is a plus)
  • You also need an interest in marketing: thinking of how we can reach our target market, thinking of catchy ad ideas, and creating the designs people will recognize and share
  • An understanding of basic UX/UI concepts and best practices is preferable
  • An education in business and marketing is preferable
  • Must be able to work quickly 
  • Must work well with little direction/great autonomy

Business Development — Remote

As a part of Business Development, you'll handle a myriad a business tasks including: creating and executing marketing plans, work on positioning our products, conducting market research, interacting with media sources, contributing to the blog and social media, finding advertisers, and so on.


  • Must have some knowledge or experience regarding marketing strategies
  • Must be willing to conduct independent research on concepts you may be unfamiliar with (branding, inbound marketing, podcast advertising, etc.)
  • Must be able to commit to no fewer than 10 hours per week
  • Must work well with little direction/great autonomy

Website Content Editor — Remote

The Website Content Editor (WCE) will be responsible for all of our subscription content. Everything will already be mostly edited, but you will perform final spelling and grammar checks, fix any belatedly identified oversights, and publish the cases online.

In essence, you’re the legal education advocate every law student banging their head against a traditional textbook wishes they had.

We’ll provide clear guidance and examples on what to look for when editing.


  • Must be a law student or law school graduate
  • Must be interested in learning how to run a subscription-based business
  • Must know how to maneuver around a Squarespace website or be willing to learn by watching YouTube videos and reading SquareSpace help pages. 
  • Must be able to commit to working no fewer than 10 hours a week
  • Must work well with little direction/great autonomy