Audio Law: The Law Podcast for Busy People

Sometimes you can't read or re-read a case. We understand.


We've made a podcast for those times when you don't have the time or energy to read a case. In fact, we have two podcasts. 


Audio Law

The original Audio Law podcast is like a book on tape, but it's an opinion on tape. That means you hear the same material you'd otherwise be reading. It's perfect for those occasions when you can't decide between running errands and doing homework. Now you can do both simultaneously.  



We also have a TL;DR Law podcast. This is for people in a real time crunch or for when you only need a refresher. Each episode is brief, with most lasting fewer than five minutes. 

Where You Can Download Our Podcasts

You'll miss out on great illustrations like this...
But the podcasts ensure you won't miss out on the great knowledge.