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Love our content but can't carry books everywhere you go? No problem. With Illustrated Law online, you can access us from your laptop, tablet, phone, and similar devices.

We make it easy to learn on the go, find what you need, and quickly access that bit of information you just know the professor is going to ask about.

These aren't mere paraphrased, subjective, dumbed-down summaries. They're intelligently edited, verbatim, cleanly organized case opinions. And we're creating new useful content literally every day.

We don't dumb down "legal-ese." We simplify it so you can actually learn it. After all, you wouldn't want to go to a doctor who didn't know medical-ese, or mechanic who didn't understand mechanical terms. 

And yes, access is only $9.99 per month.

What's in Each Case

The opinions include*: 

  • Verbatim text with excessive dicta removed so almost every case can be read start to finish in fewer than 10 minutes without missing anything of significance.

  • To increase efficiency, each case is clearly broken down into its facts, the issue being decided, the Court's reasoning, the Court's holding, and the key takeaway.

  • Each case has illustrations so the facts of the case stay stuck in your head and you can see who wrote the majority opinion

  • Questions with answers and explanations so readers can check their understanding of the topic (coming soon)

  • A breakdown of how the Justices voted for Supreme Court cases

  • A very brief description next to each citation so you can see at a glance what each case is about

  • Context blurbs of constitutional law and criminal procedure cases so you have an idea of why the decision was important


Let Us Know What You Want to See

We've already covered several hundred cases and we're adding new court opinions every week. But if we don't have the case you're looking for, please let us know by filling out this form and we'll make it a priority. 

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*We have torts, con law, crim pro, civ pro, contracts, and property law so far. Not all elements are in every case. We add more cases and more helpful information every day.