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Screenshot from our first book in its first week on Amazon. Our Tort Concepts books was also a #1 New Release.


More praise for impressive GULC 2L feats: Two students who took crim pro (crim justice) with me last year, have self-published an illustrated study guide on the topic! [link to book] … Just in time for finals! #kind-of-an-ad
— Paul Ohm's twitter account, Georgetown Law Professor

Wow! What a wonderful concept for improving the study of law and making learning the law so much more interesting.
— Dean Everett Bellamy (served as an assistant dean at Georgetown Law for 30 years)

Overall, I thought this was very helpful. My favorite parts were the key takeaway sections at the end of each case and the rule compilation at the end of the book. I’m taking crim this semester, and it was really helpful to skim the facts and holdings of the cases. The book is very clear and easy to follow. A great review book to use prior to exams. Also helpful to skim before each class.
— Jennifer Enos (1L Law Student)

I wish Illustrated Law existed when I was a 1L
— So many non-1L's I can't keep track. Seriously.

This is the single best law-related book in existence.
— David Atkinson of Illustrated Law

My girlfriend thought the illustrations were so good that it made me jealous.
— Dan Bamber of Illustrated law

Say nice things about us and we’ll put your quote here.
— also david of illustrated law


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